I write because . . .

I often have thoughts or ideas that I would love to discuss with others.  Unfortunately, I might be on my to work or in the shower or in the middle of something else.  I guess I want to “capture” my thoughts so I can share them when it’s convenient; rather than simply dismiss them.

There are times I’ve had motivational speeches going through my head, or sweet thoughts about my sweetheart, or business ideas.  And, since, I am a photographer, I want to engage with other photographers.  Life is a constant combination of genres.  I’m not completely sure I can stick with one, but I am confident that I will write something that someone else can relate to.

I view writing as soul-cleansing.  Like Yoga.  Something that allows me to spend quiet time with myself so that I can engage in intraspection and metacognitive meditation.  Maybe writing allows me to engage with my inner best friend – myself.  How often to we really explore ourselves?  I’m not referring to the negative self-talk that we permit to enter our minds everyday, but really engaging with our own thoughts and feeling comfortable in that solitary space.

Another reason I want to write is to develop confidence in what I have to say.  Confidence in my own views and perspectives.  My husband has blogged and written controversial editorials in the past that I would never have had the nerve to write.  I would edit his articles, with my mouth hanging open; while secretly living vicariously through him!  Whenever I “share” quotes from others on Facebook, he cringes.  He would prefer to see me write my own opinions.  I would, too, but I always reply, “No one wants to hear what I have to say.”

We’ll see how this goes!