Personal Challenges

My first kayaking experience took place in 2013. At 47, I had taken on a number of new experiences. Between November, 2012 and December, 2013,

1. I accepted a job around with world from my family and friends.

2. I took my first plane ride across the Atlantic, over Europe, and landed in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be exact.

3. I became an Expat, someone who moved from their homeland to live and work in another country.

4. I traveled to Nepal over Christmas with a group of friends I had known for a little over 1 month.

5. I rode in the front of a bus for hours on winding, mountainous roads from Kathmandu to Pokara, from Pokara to Chitwan, and from Chitwan back to Kathmandu. (Anyone that knows me, knows I have to be the driver!)

6. I set up house across the world from my family and friends.

7. I lived by myself for the first time in my life.

8. I made it over a year (and continue to do so), living abroad.

9. I embraced a new culture and have expanded my global perspective in ways that would have been impossible had I remained in my comfort zone.

10. I took an online photography course.     Image


Now, in 2014, I would like to challenge myself in new ways.  First, I would love to use this blog as a forum to showcase my attempts in Black & White, travel, landscape/seascape/cloudscape, and portrait photography.  So, fellow photographers are welcome!  

Second, I would like to explore the idea of writing a book.  Is that ridiculous since I have never been a compulsive writer?  It’s just that . . . let me explain it this way – I used to pass by cemeteries, turn of the century homes, or architecturally significant buildings wishing I had a camera to capture the mood of the structure beneath the overcast or rainy day.  In a similar way, I sometimes think in narrative . . . as if my thoughts are developing prose for a book.   

Clearly, I see and think differently from some but maybe, just maybe, my thoughts and perspectives are similar to those others.  I hope to find out.