One Week Down!!!

One week has passed since my arrival in the UAE.  I already feel at home.  I love getting lost in the sounds of other languages that are constantly being spoken around me.  This goes a step beyond cultural immersion to multi-cultural immersion!

I couldn’t get past the shock of being here for the first two days.  The initial priorities of purchasing a new sim card for my iPhone and visiting the currency exchange was accomplished then.

The next four days consisted of paperwork for banking and residency, a trip to the beach, medical checks, national ID’s, and an orientation.  Yes, we’ve been busy.

Facing Thanksgiving was a little treacherous but we made it through (my crew and I) by spending the day at the mall and the beach.

On Black Friday, I saw Breaking Dawn!!! And today was a trip to the Grand Mosque!

All of that in one week. What’s in store for tomorrow?  Wait and see!


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