New Chapters: Everyone Can Write Them

Exciting!  I leave for Abu Dhabi tomorrow.  The last few days have been emotional, filled with thrills of what’s to come, brief bouts of sentimental memories, anxiety over the unknown, the fear of forgetting to put something in the suitcase!  Honestly, I’m excited about this opportunity.  Looking forward to doing more of what I think is an important component to life:  making memories.

Received my itinerary on Saturday.  What did I do the rest of the day?  Chilled on the sofa.  Paced myself.

The next day, I took myself to a movie.  Needed some alone time and time to think about something else.  Kind of emotional that day but not quite ready to cry.

On Monday, I enjoyed lunch with my best friend.  The packing didn’t start until Tuesday.  Pacing myself.

Spent time with two of my four daughters (because the other two are in Des Moines and Tampa).  Enjoyed a 15-minute water bed massage, vacuum packed my clothes (filling a large suitcase), and chilled at a Hookah bar with my 18-year old.  All of these were firsts.

Woke up at 4am this morning.  Couldn’t sleep for anticipation! There are a number of things on my list today but the most important is having dinner with my family this evening.  Spending quality time.  Cherishing every moment.  And, looking forward to our time together again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the small things that provide balance and peace to my life.  Going for scenic walks and taking afternoon family naps are a big part of that.  Appreciating the smell of rain, freshly cut grass and the fall leaves, barefoot walks on the beach, walking the streets of Chicago or New York, breath-taking architecture, capturing nature and faces with my camera, going to movies, babies, our pets, reading a good book, laughing, good quotes, . . . each other.


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